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05 Dec 2012
Kawasaki launches 2 significant new owner benefits
With the announcement that Kawasaki Riders Club membership will now be a no cost part of the ownership package, Kawasaki dealers will also be fitting a Master Security marking system along with each new machine.

As one of the very first adopters of what is envisaged to be an industry-wide security scheme, a whole variety of engine, chassis and bodywork parts will be invisibly marked on each new Kawasaki road motorcycle in a coordinated effort to dramatically reduce vehicle theft and offer those that purchase 2013 machines even greater piece of mind.

Developed by the Motorcycle Industry Association in concert with motorcycle security experts Datatag, the Master Security markings and transponders are invisible to the naked eye and supported with a subtle sticker on each marked machine designed to deter the would-be thief.

Allied to the valuable anti-theft marking on each new road machine, Kawasaki is also including twelve months free membership of the Kawasaki Riders Club with each Road Bike sold. 

Having grown considerably in two years since its re-launch, the KRC provides two free high quality GO magazines per year, a dedicated web site and a host of member benefits such as “The big Green weekend” where KRC members can enjoy a unique Kawasaki environment and get to meet their racing heroes plus other key Kawasaki personnel.

“We already had a stunning motorcycle range for 2013 with nine new models or variants”,commented Mark Spiller, KMUK Marketing & Brand Development Manager. 

“With the comfort of knowing that their machine is invisibly marked to the highest industry standards – and enjoying the considerable benefits of KRC membership – Kawasaki ownership continues to be outstanding value for both committed fans and those new to the brand.”

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