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13 Dec 2012
Kawasaki Z800 e version - NOW AVAILABLE

To say the press reviews were glowing is perhaps an understatement – here are some quotes about the new Z800 and Z800 e:


"The ride quality is sumptuous, the motor shockingly smooth and there’s power spilling out of it at
every rpm."

"The engine is beautifully refined, full of grunt and excitement and the ride quality is excellent."

"The Kawasaki four is as smooth as a vat of double cream and devoid of vibration."


"The fuelling is immaculate, you could be forgiven for thinking the Z800 had been setup on a dyno."

"…the Z800 feels polished, to the point where it’s in a different league to the original Z750."

"The ride quality feels better than the suspension on a ‘budget’ bike should be."

Daily Telegraph

"A sharp and confident visual focus like this means the Z800 is going to be the only bike some
riders want in 2013."

"The suspension has been revised and provides an outstandingly plush and well controlled ride at
lower speeds, quietening harsh surfaces and dispensing with potholes very effectively."

"The engine is a good match for the sophistication of the suspension."

Perfectly placed to take advantage of the new A2 license category with 95bhp (70kW) in standard trim with the ability to be restricted to 35kW the bike is sure to be a success.